Power in a Positive Mindset

The media reporting on the state of the economy is dreary by most people’s standards.  If a negative piece of information doesn’t catch your attention the first time it’s aired, you are sure to hear it again by a parrot reporter tomorrow and the next day.  But the direst predictions come from your President and those on Capitol Hill.

Choose not to accept the news and proposed solution at face value and you are just burying your head in the sand.  Come on, get with the program already!  Things are bad out there folks.  50% of you are unemployed and the other 75% will be soon.  Damn those illegal aliens for taking all those Microsoft jobs!  I won’t apologize to you that have lost your jobs or diminish your suffering, but it’s not that bad…yet.

The problem isn’t how negative the outlook of politicians is.  The problem is that they are the ones trying to fix the problem.  At least I think they are. 

Who would you choose to solve a tough business problem – someone with a negative mindset or a positive one?  How many times have you heard this said of an extremely successful business man:  God, that guy has one hell of a negative outlook on life!

I personally can’t think of one instance and so I pose the question:  Do we put our faith in a bunch of pessimistic politicians who see only apocalyptic doom in our future?  Or do we demand more from someone better?  Come to think of it, who says the government has to fix this at all.  Why not contract the brightest business minds, the guys that have worked through tough times and scratched their way back to wealthy positions.  These are people that don’t hope everything will all work out. They are the ones that KNOW they CAN make a difference in a positive way, and don’t concede in the face of adversity.