Vista Print – Buyer Beware as complaints and charges of online scam by unhappy customers

Looking for a cheap place to buy business cards?  You might find companies like near the top of your Google search.  Your “cheap” cards might end up costing you a lot of extra money.  Here is the scam – and it IS a scam!

You get ready to place your order and you are offered $10 off because it claims you were a previous customer.  The next month you may see a curious charge or two.  They might be called things like Mvq*Vpclubus and Mvq*Bizmax; and each of them is a $14.95 charge against your account.

When I saw these charges, I googled them and things pointed to  Since we had just purchased business cards from them, I assumed these were the charges for the cards and moved on.  I didn’t realize that this was the second month these charges had been made. 

I am one of many Americans paying bills online and am guilty of not staying on top of my charges.  Having reviewed these charges, I have since learned that I have been charged $14.95 TWICE each month since May!  Shame on them and shame on me for not monitoring this better.

Additional google searches have returned complaints against these fraudulent charges and the company.  One complainant offered their 1-800 number to call.  We called 1-888-243-6185 and spoke with Eric and then a supervisor  who were both very helpful and assured us that in two business days we would be refunded ALL charges.

We did receive an email shortly after stating this intention, but others have been promised the same and continued to receive charges.  I will give the employees of Vistaprint the benefit of the doubt, and will follow up when this is resolved.

* Update: September 22, 2009 – As promised, our account was refunded $14.95 x 8 for the 4 months these charges occured.  I encourage any other victims to call the 888 number above.