Faith in Science

If you ask someone who believes in global warming how they know it exists, they will point to science.  After all, science in its unbridled quest for knowledge and understanding is infallible.  Let’s look at a few of these examples throughout history:

  1. The earth is flat – This scientific fact was the official position of the Egyptians.  Known for being light years ahead in construction and math, ancient Egypt was no slouch with respect to knowledge.
  2. The earth is the center of the universe – Scientific fact by all but a few radical Greeks until 1800 years later when Galileo broke rank.  Since religion and governments never try to influence scientific truth, I won’t bring up Galileo’s house arrest for saying otherwise.
  3. Spontaneous Generation – Decomposing matter turning back into living organisms (eg. maggots, beetles, frogs) was not disproven until 1668 by Redi. Prior to this, if you didn’t believe rats came from moldy grain, you were somewhat of a dunce.

Since we now understand that science is never wrong, we come full circle on the global warming debate.  Apparently, the 1970’s studies predicting global cooling were accurate; they just didn’t know that global warming would cause this global cooling.  Read that again if necessary.

Hopefully science will have this all figured out before we all burn up or freeze to death.  I will embrace whatever facts are offered without cynicism or doubt.


Global Propaganda Continues

Now we are told that ALL the ice in the Arctic Circle could melt this summer leaving the area ice free for the first time in human existence. Of course we’ll see a a few photos of water where they claim ice was as the proof for this outlandish claim. OK, now back to reality…

Global Warming doesn’t exist in the context it’s being discussed. People are not responsible for global climate changes…period. Luckily the lies are becoming so outrageous that the cause will eventually discredit itself.

Years from now, I’m sure the Al Gore crowd will be convinced that the planet didn’t “Die” because of all the efforts made to save it. I don’t know why so many intelligent people jump on the bandwagon but I guess it shows that adolescents aren’t the only ones that give in to peer pressure. No one wants to be the guy at the party that doesn’t believe in global warming – how completely unsophisticated!

“If 50 million people believe a foolish thing, it is still a foolish thing.” -Anatole France