Fraud Alert – sells fake Frontline® for cats and dogs

You come home to find Rover or Whiskers scratching fleas.  You know you should get some Frontline® from your local vet, but you just can’t afford it.  But a quick search on the internet delivers several websites with discount products. is one of those sites.  They advertise Frontline® for a medium dog for only $29 – what a deal!  It seemed to take a long time to get there, and when it finally arrived, you realize why.  You notice it had to go through US customs – 1st red flag.

Upon closer inspection, you will see directions in both English and some backward language – literally, the words go right to left – 2nd red flag.  At this point, you could dowse your pet with the suspect liquid and hope it kills fleas instead of your pet.  Personally, I wouldn’t chance it.  What you have, my friend, is genuinely COUNTERFEIT Frontline®!

Here are the facts, folks:

  1. Frontline does not have an expiration date.  If your Frontline® has an expiration date, then it ain’t Frontline®.
  2. If there are stickers from Africa, Australia or your product was shipped from some other country across the great pond, be suspicious.
  3. Go to, or visit your vet for more information.