Government mandated healthcare is one Christmas present I’d like to return

Now that Democrats have rammed healthcare legislation down our collective throat on Christmas Eve,  we’re assured that we will all come around once we realize the healthcare improvements in 2014.  This is supposedly the most complex issue ever tackled by Capital Hill, yet the arguments defy even the most elementary reasoning.

Millions of new applicants will now be covered, regardless of pre-existing condition or medical history.   Somehow, healthcare will suddenly be “affordable” for these previously uninsured individuals and for those of us currently paying premiums.  Gee, how easy this all was.  Why couldn’t we have just waved this political magic wand 20 years ago?

Perhaps the voting public wasn’t stupid enough  yet 20 years ago.  Most likely this is the first time in history that enough socialists were simultaneously in office to affect this kind of policy and intrusion into our lives.  Some very basic examination illuminates the fallacy of this healthcare legislation.

You don’t need a CBO report or another “impartial” examiner of the numbers to know they can’t work.  Some truths are as constant as gravity.  For one thing, you can’t force an insurance company to cover high risk insureds and think premiums are going anywhere but up, up and away!  Overall costs are also misstated by deferring most benefits.  If this new plan could actually pay for itself, do you think we would collect revenue 4 years prior to most of it’s implementation?

This “healthcost” plan was sold to a gullible public as a “something for nothing” pipe dream.  Hopefully this BLOG will still exist in years to come  as I make the following predictions:

  1. Costs will go up at an equally or faster rate than before the bill is signed into law.
  2. Care will be rationed as incentive for current and future doctors is squashed by Federal regulation and income caps.
  3. Within the next decade virtually all of us will be on a public “option” insurance plan as private insurance will become so expensive that  only the very rich and your favorite Congressman will be able to afford it.

5 thoughts on “Government mandated healthcare is one Christmas present I’d like to return

  1. I am in total agreement with you. I’m an RN, and take care of homeless people in our ICU all the time. Many of our patients have Medical and some of the older patients have Medicare.
    The government is already providing for people with low incomes.
    Putting the rest of the US population in the same basket is not going to solve anything.

    What the government is doing, is forcing the middle man, (or woman) to pay into the “government healthcare plan”, with the plan to provede lower quality healthcare for all! Going to the doctor will be like going to the DMV, and the process to get treatment will be much slower!

    God Bless America and God Bless all of us, because little by little, our Freedom is being stripped away! We are slowly becoming a Socialist Country! Yikes! :o(

  2. Re: the smiley emoticon… I had typed the colon and the left paranthesis to show a sad face, but a smiley emoticon showed up. I think that becoming a Socialist Country is a sad state of affairs!

  3. What PLANET are you people from? “The government is already providing for people with low incomes.” Yeah, right. That’s why the issue of addressing our country’s healthcare CRISIS was at the top of the voter’s priorities in the last election. That’s why 45,000 Americans die each year from not being able to afford our country’s crappy health ‘care’ system.

    That’s why we have to see on the national news someone calling 911 FROM AN AMERICAN HOSPITAL’S EMERGENCY ROOM – laying for a long time on the emergency room floor dying and not getting any help – and having to call 911 FROM THE EMERGENCY ROOM FLOOR – and then dying. That’s why we saw CNN medical correspondent Elizabeth Cohen reporting in person this past month from the international emergency field hospitals in Haiti – absolutely horrified and embarassed that people were dying in the American field hospitals for lack of medical equipment, etc, while over at the field hospital set up by ISRAEL the patients had life-saving equipment completely missing at the American areas. And Haiti is RIGHT HERE at America’s back door – while Israel is roughly 6,500 miles away! Israel had to transport the field hospitals there just like America did. The difference is ours were woefully, embarassingly lacking by comparison. Etc., etc.

    Americans pay more for their health ‘insurance’ and get less for it than the rest of the industrialized, western nations on this planet. And you’re satisfied with that. And it’s not just the uninsured that suffer here. People who have paid their premiums for years only to have their insurance companies deny valid claims DIE every year in our country. You, Mitchell, are ADMITTEDLY “politically motivated” (See Mitchography at page top). You will play POLITICS with people’s LIVES – people like that make me SICK. It’s horrifying, disgusting, shameful, and inexcusable. All people like you care about is your own little back yard and own little pocketbook and your own naval. You all belong to the shameful club of ‘I’ve got mine.’ That’s it. That’s the entire philosophy in life that you subscribe to. ‘I’ve got mine.’ That’s all. And I notice, Mitchell, that the only way you describe your ‘faith’ is as ‘anti-Islam.’ Why don’t you say what you are FOR rather than what you are ANTI. With your lack of caring about your fellow human beings I’d say it’s safe to say you’re not a Christian. Well I am.

    And speaking of that, if it were left up to people who think like you, we’d be anarchists. There would be no paved roads, no highways, no bridges, no streetlights, no schools for schoolchildren, etc., etc. Why? Well it takes a few bucks out of your pockets and you whine about it. We learned in high school history class that one of the necessary components of the DEFINITION of CIVILIZATION is taxation. You do not live in this country alone. You live in a SOCIETY. Your own personal naval is not the only thing you have to ‘give a care’ about. We are tackling the health ‘care’ CRISIS in our country – no thanks to people like you – because we VOTED for it in our DEMOCRACY. Call it what you want. You’re all so scared of the ‘s’ word. Why don’t you ever talk about the h.c.r.a words? Hyper-Capitalism Run Amok. Just give soul-less, values-less corporations anything they want. Our health is perfectly okay in the hands of the for-profit insurance corporations. Let them have things however they want them.

    • My oh my, aren’t you a busy little liberal this morning. First, I didn’t use the first line you supposedly quoted. I’ll skip all your hysterics and get to the heart of the matter.

      1. Don’t you dare complain to me about the 45,000 of people who die each year, when our society is fat and lazy stuffing their faces at the Golden Corral and Binions instead of taking control over their diet and exercise issues. I supposed that’s also the responsibility of me, the taxpayer.

      2. Secondly, your answer is to bankrupt this nation so that no one has good healthcare. The proposed healthcare does NOTHING to control costs. This is not my opinion. This is an admitted fact by the most liberal on your side who don’t even like this healthcare bill.

      Everything else you rambled about is more hysteria from an uninformed individual that speaks from the heart but with little logic.

  4. Mwearl – what you said and notice that there were no analytics nor solutions provided in the rant.

    It does not take a genius to know that adding 45 MM people to the insurance roles CANNOT be cost free. I watched the smoke and mirrors argument of the current administration and can only say I was aghast.

    My favorite quotation from Pelosi was “We’ll pass it now and see what is in it later.”

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