Vista Print – Buyer Beware as complaints and charges of online scam by unhappy customers

Looking for a cheap place to buy business cards?  You might find companies like near the top of your Google search.  Your “cheap” cards might end up costing you a lot of extra money.  Here is the scam – and it IS a scam!

You get ready to place your order and you are offered $10 off because it claims you were a previous customer.  The next month you may see a curious charge or two.  They might be called things like Mvq*Vpclubus and Mvq*Bizmax; and each of them is a $14.95 charge against your account.

When I saw these charges, I googled them and things pointed to  Since we had just purchased business cards from them, I assumed these were the charges for the cards and moved on.  I didn’t realize that this was the second month these charges had been made. 

I am one of many Americans paying bills online and am guilty of not staying on top of my charges.  Having reviewed these charges, I have since learned that I have been charged $14.95 TWICE each month since May!  Shame on them and shame on me for not monitoring this better.

Additional google searches have returned complaints against these fraudulent charges and the company.  One complainant offered their 1-800 number to call.  We called 1-888-243-6185 and spoke with Eric and then a supervisor  who were both very helpful and assured us that in two business days we would be refunded ALL charges.

We did receive an email shortly after stating this intention, but others have been promised the same and continued to receive charges.  I will give the employees of Vistaprint the benefit of the doubt, and will follow up when this is resolved.

* Update: September 22, 2009 – As promised, our account was refunded $14.95 x 8 for the 4 months these charges occured.  I encourage any other victims to call the 888 number above.


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  1. It happened to us too! I ordered very adorable custom invitations for my son’s 3rd birthday and Vistaprint has been charging us $17.95 time two for months. What a Scam!

    Look out!

  2. I just saw these $14.95/Mo. on my Visa statements. The charges went back four months. I called 866-897-9095 and spoke with a representative. She said she could only refund the current charge and cancel my subscription. I asked for a supervisor and threatened to dispute the charges. She said she would refund all charges for the four months.

    Shame on me for not monitoring my statements better; but shame on VistaPrint for being so underhanded! I’ll think twice before doing business with VistPrint again!

  3. I’ve ordered lots of things from VistaPrint and have never had those charges appear. It sounds like one of those “clubs” or “programs” other come ons that your are offered on a LOT of sites (I see it at Deep Discount too) when you go to check out. I usually check “no thanks” or “skip” or “take me to my total” or one of the other options (those options are sometimes not very obvious, on purpose) and never take the “$10 off” offer. If you do accept it, you need to read all the text below that says that by accepting the $10 or whatever the discount or offer is, you are agreeing to a trial period of this “great” savings thing or club or whatever and that you will be charged $x.xx per month if you don’t cancel within the trial period, etc. etc.. You can still get great deals on sites like VistaPrint, but just be careful about clicking on things online where you seem to be given something for nothing. Carefully READ what you my be agreeing to. It’s just common sense. I agree, Vista should not be doing business with sneaky offers like this, but the consumer has some obligation to be proactive when it comes to what they are agreeing to with their payment information online and elsewhere.

    • I am wondering the same thing. I was also duped by their scam. I called today and they offered me a refund but not without having to fight for it. They assured me that it would be back in my account within 2 business days. I’ll wait and see. I still think as many people as can should band together and somehow expose it on T.V. or something because even if they refund my money another thousand people a day are being suckered in to it. If you learn of a lawsuit please let me know.


  4. Vista Print got me also I cancelled my account with them today and talked to supervisor Mathew and hes said he would credit my discover card asap. Time will tell. I was charged $14.95 twice two months in a row. I am to receive credit for all 4 bogus charges.

  5. Thanks for the clear instructions! I contacted them, asked for a supervisor, and requested a full refund of the charges and cancellation of the membership. They told me I can expect to have this in 3-5 days. Again, this just speaks to the flaws in our ‘online’ world where we just assume that a charge we see on our statement is one of the “regular” debits to our checking or credit card that we INTENDED to authorize.

    Thanks for your help!


  6. I just contacted the Bizmax after I had already cancelled my credit card because another online company attempted to charge my account $460.00 and Chase bank called me to see if I had authorized the charge, which I had not. They cancelled the account and asked about other charges that may be fraudulent, I then reviewed the current charges when I noticed the $14.95 charge from MVQ Bizmax. From there I went back 10 months and had found this charge every month! This is a business card and there are a lot of transactions but I will definitely go over each transaction.

    • did they refund your 10 month’s charge? my boyfriend just found the charge and realized that it goes back to 2008… when he ordered business cards. we will dispute. thanks

  7. This forum just saved me almost $300. Also beware: they changed the name of this “Bizmax” service several times to avoid detection. Spoke to a manager and they were very quick to offer a full refund. What a sham. Thank you poster!

  8. I too was burned by Vista Print. I didn’t get a 10.00 off coupon! But it’s in their disclosure whenever you purchase from them that you will be charged $14.95. I contacted my bank they gave me the phone number and said call Vista Print at 888-243-6185 and document the cancellation number, the name of the person you spoke with and the date you called. Mia is who I talked to, I’ll tell I feel real sorry for the people that have to work for Vista Print and why isn’t someone shutting this place down????????????????? From now on I will research every company I deal with on the internet. Mia told me to expect a credit within 10 days of the entire amount I was charged and gave me all of the information I needed. If I am charged again next month, or if I do not receive the refund I am to contact my bank and they will bring charges against them.

  9. I was also charged a monthly fee of $14.95 for 3 months in a row! I love their cheap and high quality stuff, but this is just going too far!! Thanks for all the information.

  10. Thanks for posting this! i too had these “mystery” charges and i f not for your info i would not have know what to do !
    i have dealt with vista print b4 and not know any of htese scams
    grrrrrr its despicable that they prey on people who owluld not noitce

  11. I am pretty upset. I did some ordering for my boss. He just asked me about this $14.95 charge from MVQ Bizmax? I am going back over my records to double check if it was only charged once or more. I wanted to know before i call, who do i call? Vista Print? what number is best to call and who should i ask for?

    Thank you for all the insite about this charge!

    • Hey Brandy call 866-897-9095 and tell them you want the charges reversed. If the person that answers can’t do that for you, ask for a supervisor and be firm! They reversed four months of $14.95 charges for me! Tell your boss you are not the only one who did this. I think it is a scam and a shame that they continue to get other unknowing customers. See my earlier post 9/23/09. Good luck!

  12. Thank you for this post. We were charged $14.95 two months. Upon calling the number above they offered to refund the current month first – I then spoke to a supervisor who said they would remove all charges.

    The charge showed as “MVQ*VPCLUBUS”.

  13. I just recieved a Second Charge on my card, It was charged By ” MVQ Shopessplus”. In case anybody else gets a charge by the different names…its all the same scam.

  14. I also fell victim to this banner of Vistaprint I had made a purchase and when offered the $10 off I looked at to see what it was and then I thought I had canceled out of it but then here I am about a month later getting the $14.95 charge on the card I used to pay attention. Now I am a detail oriented person and pay close attention to detail. So that fact that they probably have legality out of this is wrong. They are hiding the facts and not letting you cancel out of it properly. I had no clue that I was still signed on with this “membership”.
    I did however call the number today and I spoke with Kim and got her number who said that I should be getting a full refund to my card in 3-5 days. “We will see”

  15. Thank you so much for this post! Today I was going over my account statement and I saw the $14.95 charge and I called my bank about it and they said it was coming out of Connecticut and I live in Arizona and I know I hadn’t used my card on the particular day I was charged. I googled mvp vpclubus as this was the description on my account and found this. I called right away and had this so called membership cancelled and they said they would refund my money. When I ordered business cards on vista print, I remember clicking on some sort of $10 off window because I thought I needed to in order to get to the next page to print my recipe. This is so sneaky. What a bunch of snakes!

  16. They got me got the 14.95 as well. Yes they offer you $10 back, but they do not tell you it will cost you 14.95 to get that $10 and in my book that makes it a scam. I do not plan to do business with them again. I will find somewhere else to get my business cards…..

  17. I just contacted vistaprint concerning unauthorized charges of $14.95 x 6 months and spoke with one of the rudest girls named Shameka, Aneka or something like that. She initially told me that she would refund the current month only and cancel a membership that I didn’t have and that was all that she could do. She refused to let me speak with a supervisor or who ever is paying her! She finally said “You [must] can’t hear me! I said I will refund your account in full…” B*tch! Thats all I wanted in the first place, what belonged to me all along…Of course, I wasn’t gonna be lowered to her standards so after I was sure she said they would refund me in full,I hung up, not evening allowing her to go through the rehearsed lines that she’s trained to repeat over and over and over….

  18. Yes!!! Im not the only one this happened to. Yes shame on me for not checking accounts, also they they told me that since I applied for the bizmax thing they got ny account# and credit card number but i didnt use my bank anything for vistaprint. So Im still in the process of finding out how they got ahold of my info like that this is the second time from TD BANK this has happened to me. One from a coupon co. and now bzmax and yet TD BANK can do nothing about. Thanks to who ever made this post it helped me alot THANK YOU

  19. and yes i spoke with that kemeka or neka lady to she said the same thing all i said is no your refunding me the 3x months you charged me cancleing this bu11sh!t and erasing me from your records

  20. Happened to me too, I was being charged since April 2009 .. called them and they offered to refund all of the charges immediately. Will check with the bank in 3 business days and revert if its OK.
    Thanks to the folks that discovered that scam, saved me 134$.

  21. Thanks for the info. We had no idea where did this charge come from, until we read it on your website. The representative from vistaprint was adamant that we have indeed signed up for a rewards club membership, but agreed to refund the charges. Let’s hope it does indeed happen..

  22. Thanks for the information. I saw a charge for $20.95 to MVQ*VPClubUS, on Dec 29,2009 that I did not authorize. I didn’t recognize the company so I googled it. Your article came up. I called my bank and they said it was a membership. I did order some vista print cards 6 months ago, but did not join any club or membership.
    This is a scam, and I thank you for your detailed information. The owner of the company should be put in jail for scamming so many people!

  23. Like everyone else, thank you so much for this information. I found out that I’d been getting scammed for 5 months. Calling the number above I was able to get a refund in less than 5 minutes without talking to a manager. Obviously they know it’s a scam and are laying down to anyone that calls them out on it to avoid criminal charges.

  24. Yea, they got me too. I have ordered from Vista Print several times. NOTHING is free because the shipping charges covers the cost of the “free” product. I got nailed for the $14.95 scam too on top of that. When I ordered my second time from them just about 3 weeks after my first order there were NO discounts given to me at the check out. I was looking for a place to take advantage of the nice

    “THANK YOU for ordering from Vistaprint. As a token of our appreciation for your business pleas take 25% OFF EVRYTHING ON OUR SITE! plus FREE uploads! Hurry! order NOW at

    I didn’t find anywhere at the check out to use the nice discount card they sent me. It turns out that same card is sent with every order that is shipped out. But how are you suppose to take advantage of the offer if there is no where on the order site to use the discount. I wonder in order to get this 25% “deal” has anything to do with the little scam of belonging to some type of membership. They charged me the membership fee for two months and I never got a discount at check out or on items sent to me. I am going to file a complaint with my credit card company for the $14.95 because I believe there is enough evidence about this scam that I can win the complaint. FYI depending on the credit card processor they (Vista Printing) use it cost $10 to $25 just to answer a complaint win or lose and if you lose the card processor will refund back plus charge Vista Print another fee for their time to fight the complaint.

    I except credit cards and if a complaint is filed I loose $25 even if I win by showing a signed copy of the receipt! It is one way a consumer can strike back but be careful when you sign the complaint you are asked to: certify that the information you provided about the matter is correct. (Well to the best of my memory!) Oops my memory may not have been good but it don’t matter because the merchant’s credit card processor is out to make money too and ALL of them have agreements that you will pay $— if there is a complaint filed. Got you thieving merchant!

  25. Thanks to the person running this site!
    I ordered business cards from Vistaprint in 2006 and they have been charging me periodically first at 14.95, then 17.95 and then 20.95….all total to the tune of 499.55. YIKES! Boy do I feel like a fool.
    I called and spoke with someone named “Tabar” (probably a fake name too) and she rattled off all the charges and said they would issue a refund to my card. I sure hope so. I have been under cancer treatments for 3 years and admittedly have been focusing on other things than scrutinizing my credit card bill every month. My bad.
    Like Brian posted earlier they completely “lay down” right away so they KNOW they are scamming people.
    Has everyone that has been promised a refund got one?
    This company needs to be criminally prosecuted for fraud.

  26. I too was duped by Vista Prints. They claim the $14.95 was a “membership” fee and it is posted when you sign up. I DO NOT remember seeing anything about a fee, as I KNOW I would not have taken that bait! I am VERY unhappy about this situation & as many of you said, bad me for not noticing sooner!

  27. Wow, Thank you so much for the heads-up! I’ve been charged $14.95 for almost a year, and for the last 4 months they’ve increased the charges to $17.95. My husband orders things online frequently, I’ve seen the MVQ*VPCLUBUS charges before but just thought it was his “stuff”. Then when I went to close that acct I looked up the website and found this forum! What a shock, we all like to think we aren’t being duped but here we are. I called and they didn’t even ask for details just refunded everything (within 2-3 business days), supervisor was Judy. Guess I’ll be checking charges to my accts much more closely, I’m just glad it wasn’t a more painful lesson…and hey I can use the extra cash when we go to Disneyworld! 🙂 Thanks again

  28. Yes, we have all been scammed. I would have to agree with Johnny #3. Everyone just has to be aware of what we are actually clicking on. The lady on the phone told me that it signed up on it by clicking on a rebate or something. I also understand that they should be found at fault of some sort, people want to file suit but what we have to understand is that as long as there are people like us finding it out and searching the reasons for the charges, they do eventually get fixed. The problem with filing suit is that everyone one of us, whether we new it or not, voluntarily clicked on something to sign us up for the charge. It’s very time consuming and expensive to prove otherwise in a court of law. So you may have been charged over $300 or $400 dollars and received a refund as soon as you noticed but filing a class action costs thousands and there is no guarantee of any refund. Because they are giving almost immediate refunds at the end of the day they are still satisfing the customer, one way or another. That is why they are soooo polite on the phone. It’s when they don’t give the refund, you will then have a case.

  29. Yeap, I didn’t google the deal that was too good to be true — was a ripoff. Please don’t use them! In fact I’d encourage you to twitter, facebook, and warn all your friends to avoid them… they started to bill my credit card after I bought the business cards from them.

  30. Thank you so much for the information. I called and they agreed to refund all 11 charges, for a total of $164.45. If it wasn’t for your post I would be screwed! At first they only offered me one month refund so I asked to speak to a supervisor. He offered me another month for a total of 2 months. I told him that this was a sneaky, mean thing to do to people and I would be contacting the Better Business Bureau. After than, he offered to refund ALL of the charges!

    Thanks again! I owe you!

  31. I ordered business cards about 9 months ago and just got billed this month for $14.95. I called immediately and the guy told me it was a “membership fee” thats supposed to be billed every month for discounts at participating stores! I canceled it quickly, he also said Id get my refund within 2 business days, we’ll see about that

  32. I also just discovered these unauthorized charges on my account- six month’s worth! Thank you for the information on how to follow up with this unsavory company. I called the number and spoke with Kamika, who said the charges will be reversed in 3-5 business days. Be firm, because this is a scam! I did not accept any discounts, or memberships, and I thought they were done ripping me off when I unsubscribed from a “mystery” membership that appeared in my email two weeks after my order. But still, they were working behind my back to steal my money. I will let you know the results.

  33. Hey Everyone!

    I am a long time customer of VistaPrint since 2003 and I hate to be the bearer of bad news. You cannot blame VistaPrint for this. When you order free items from VistaPrint, after you’ve submitted your order, another window pops up asking you if you’d like to get $5-$10 off your next order or something like that. If you fill that form out you are put on a trial with one of their partner companies. It is outlined on that form if you take the time to read it. I am very anal about things and make sure I pay attention to this. VistaPrint does not just automatically charge you. It is our responsibility as consumers to PAY ATTENTION to what we’re buying and potentially signing up for. I am a very satisfied customer of 7 years and my team of 5,000 reps use VistaPrint for everything and only one of my team members had this happen to her and she remembered that she filled out that form and wasn’t paying attention to the text that was by the submit button. Just as if you don’t want to be added to a mailing list or other things that are quite often offered during checkouts— you have to pay attention. But I have NEVER received a $14.95 charge from their partner company because I READ and said no thanks or just closed the box. I work from home and run 2 home businesses from my home where I use a lot of marketing materials so I order at a minimum (because I want to) once-twice a week from them. And as I stated, I NEVER had this happen to me. In order for VistaPrint to remain FREE it has to work through third-party companies and allow them to do these offers. It always saddens me when people post things on the net about companies when really what happened could’ve been avoided by the consumer. I know we all hate being “wrong” or finding out that if we paid attention it could’ve been avoided. But that is the truth of this matter. The company you should make your complaints to is: and not VistaPrint.

    I wish you all success with getting your money back from BusinessMax.


    • Am I the only one that thinks this message sounds like someone from Vista Print?

      Being that Vista Print has the ability to refund the money, I question the validity of complaining to some other entity that is probably really the same entity that owns Vista Print as well.

  34. Scammed me too! I have no idea how it happened because I’m so very careful! I NEVER EVER EVER!!!! filled out that coupon form!!! Yet i was enrolled in this scam as well. They been charging me since the first day i ordered. I’ll warn everybody I know not to use Vistaprint. They are to blame because they know its happening! and as of today 7/12/10 they are still letting bizmax advertise on their website. Bird of a feather… and so on. If they are a lagit Co. then they need to put a stop to the practices of Bizmax!

    • Thanks to all of you for helping me put an end to these charges. I’ve been charged for 11 months since I initially ordered business cards. I saw the MVQ*Vistaprintrwds on previous months. I kept going to the Vista print website and couldn’t figure out how to put a stop to this. Finally, you guys helped me. The process to get it cancelled and to get the refund was so standardardized, it’s scary!

  35. The same here in Denmark, thusand has be charge on bank account for nothing every month.. This i criminal people stealing from people and our Bank wil not stop this scammere, all you has to do… go to your bank and drop your card and get a new card, this its the only way to stop the criminal stealere..and
    dont tell Vista print or another criminal youre new card data, buy in cash or on postordre.. keep your card data in save and only useit to them you know are near behind you.

  36. I was scammed also. Has anyone reported this to the Better Business Bureau? They charged me for several months at a rate of $17.95 per month.

  37. Well, I just happened to notice this $24.95 charge on my checking account on 12/10/2010, I called home and askedmy wife is she used my debit card for any purchases, she responded no. So I called this so called BusinessMax number and found out they’ve been billing me since August 2007, what a bunch og !@#$%^&. Shame on me for not paying attention of the matter. Also, Tresie, who the !@#$ cares what you think, you probably work for them! BusinessMax is a LLC company and I bet ANY money they are a subdivision partnership of VistaPrint. I think the BBB should take these scam companies down once and for all. Yes I ordered ONE time from VistaPrint and NEVER clicked a $10 instant saving or whatever everyone says because I know an offer like that is to good to be true and is a bunch of bull!@#$. Well called I called Bank of America on 12/10/10 and the service personnel was very very helpful. This is the outcome of it all:

    12/13/2010 CHECKCARD 1211 MVQ*BUSINESSMAX 866-897-9095 CT 74692160345000327461111 24.95 1,153.40
    12/13/2010 CHECKCARD 1211 MVQ*BUSINESSMAX 866-897-9095 CT 74692160345000327461392 24.95 1,178.35
    12/13/2010 CHECKCARD 1211 MVQ*BUSINESSMAX 866-897-9095 CT 74692160345000327461186 24.95 1,203.30
    12/13/2010 CHECKCARD 1211 MVQ*BUSINESSMAX 866-897-9095 CT 74692160345000327461426 24.95 1,228.25
    12/13/2010 CHECKCARD 1211 MVQ*BUSINESSMAX 866-897-9095 CT 74692160345000327461210 24.95 1,253.20
    12/13/2010 CHECKCARD 1211 MVQ*BUSINESSMAX 866-897-9095 CT 74692160345000327462036 24.95 1,278.15
    12/13/2010 CHECKCARD 1211 MVQ*BUSINESSMAX 866-897-9095 CT 74692160345000327461012 20.95 1,299.10
    12/13/2010 CHECKCARD 1211 MVQ*BUSINESSMAX 866-897-9095 CT 74692160345000327461145 20.95 1,320.05
    12/13/2010 CHECKCARD 1211 MVQ*BUSINESSMAX 866-897-9095 CT 74692160345000327461483 20.95 1,341.00
    12/13/2010 CHECKCARD 1211 MVQ*BUSINESSMAX 866-897-9095 CT 74692160345000327461749 20.95 1,361.95
    12/13/2010 CHECKCARD 1211 MVQ*BUSINESSMAX 866-897-9095 CT 74692160345000327461020 20.95 1,382.90
    12/13/2010 CHECKCARD 1211 MVQ*BUSINESSMAX 866-897-9095 CT 74692160345000327461228 20.95 1,403.85
    12/13/2010 CHECKCARD 1211 MVQ*BUSINESSMAX 866-897-9095 CT 74692160345000327461657 20.95 1,424.80
    12/13/2010 CHECKCARD 1211 MVQ*BUSINESSMAX 866-897-9095 CT 74692160345000327461855 20.95 1,445.75
    12/13/2010 CHECKCARD 1211 MVQ*BUSINESSMAX 866-897-9095 CT 74692160345000327461079 20.95 1,466.70
    12/13/2010 CHECKCARD 1211 MVQ*BUSINESSMAX 866-897-9095 CT 74692160345000327461350 20.95 1,487.65
    12/13/2010 CHECKCARD 1211 MVQ*BUSINESSMAX 866-897-9095 CT 74692160345000327461731 20.95 1,508.60
    12/13/2010 CHECKCARD 1211 MVQ*BUSINESSMAX 866-897-9095 CT 74692160345000327462002 20.95 1,529.55
    12/13/2010 CHECKCARD 1211 MVQ*BUSINESSMAX 866-897-9095 CT 74692160345000327461285 17.95 1,547.50
    12/13/2010 CHECKCARD 1211 MVQ*BUSINESSMAX 866-897-9095 CT 74692160345000327461798 17.95 1,565.45
    12/13/2010 CHECKCARD 1211 MVQ*BUSINESSMAX 866-897-9095 CT 74692160345000327461996 17.95 1,583.40
    12/13/2010 CHECKCARD 1211 AP9*BUSINESSMAX-V 866-897-9095 CT 17.95 1,601.35
    12/13/2010 CHECKCARD 1211 MVQ*BUSINESSMAX 866-897-9095 CT 74692160345000327461558 17.95 1,619.30
    12/13/2010 CHECKCARD 1211 MVQ*BUSINESSMAX 866-897-9095 CT 74692160345000327461814 17.95 1,637.25
    12/13/2010 CHECKCARD 1211 MVQ*BUSINESSMAX 866-897-9095 CT 74692160345000327462028 17.95 1,655.20
    12/13/2010 CHECKCARD 1211 AP9*BUSINESSMAX-V 866-897-9095 CT 17.95 1,673.15
    12/13/2010 CHECKCARD 1211 MVQ*BUSINESSMAX 866-897-9095 CT 74692160345000327461673 17.95 1,691.10
    12/13/2010 CHECKCARD 1211 MVQ*BUSINESSMAX 866-897-9095 CT 74692160345000327461822 17.95 1,709.05
    12/13/2010 CHECKCARD 1211 AP9*BUSINESSMAX-V 866-897-9095 CT 17.95 1,727.00
    12/13/2010 CHECKCARD 1211 AP9*BUSINESSMAX-V 866-897-9095 CT 17.95 1,744.95
    12/13/2010 CHECKCARD 1211 AP9*BUSINESSMAX-V 866-897-9095 CT 14.95 1,759.90
    12/13/2010 CHECKCARD 1211 AP9*BUSINESSMAX-V 866-897-9095 CT 14.95 1,774.85
    12/13/2010 CHECKCARD 1211 AP9*BUSINESSMAX-V 866-897-9095 CT 14.95 1,789.80
    12/13/2010 CHECKCARD 1211 MVQ*BUSINESSMAX 866-897-9095 CT 74692160345000327461160 14.95 1,804.75
    12/13/2010 CHECKCARD 1211 AP9*BUSINESSMAX-V 866-897-9095 CT 14.95 1,819.70
    12/13/2010 CHECKCARD 1211 AP9*BUSINESSMAX-V 866-897-9095 CT 14.95 1,834.65
    12/13/2010 CHECKCARD 1211 AP9*BUSINESSMAX-V 866-897-9095 CT 14.95 1,849.60
    12/13/2010 CHECKCARD 1211 AP9*BUSINESSMAX 866-897-9095 CT 74692160345000443171172 14.95 1,864.55
    12/13/2010 CHECKCARD 1211 AP9*BUSINESSMAX-V 866-897-9095 CT 14.95 1,879.50
    12/13/2010 CHECKCARD 1211 AP9*BUSINESSMAX-V 866-897-9095 CT 14.95 1,894.45
    12/13/2010 CHECKCARD 1211 AP9*BUSINESSMAX-V 866-897-9095 CT 14.95 1,909.40

    Stick that up YOUR ass BusinessMax, my money due was refunded!
    And the supervisor of BM, what a effing joke, talked to her was like talking to a 5 year old, when I threatened pursue a lawyer amd asked for her name, all she replied was “Ebony”. I guess she was never given a last name or doesn’t know who her father is… anyways FU BM!

    Pissed Off

  38. And also, their SO called membership program, how come we were NEVER notified or received any type of material about their super hot savings deals??? All I can say is… who has the last laugh now??? =)

  39. Well it’s March of 2011 and this crap is still going on! My wife and I just got burned by this whole thing. BusinessMax? WTF would you say your company does? What “service” do you provide? More as we’re running a scam and charging good people for nothing and hope we don’t get caught. Forget vistaprint and screw Businessmax, let’s get this company shut down.

  40. I’ve seen this kind of thing on all types of other sites. It’s that membership club someone had mentioned. It makes it looks like Vistaprint but it’s not. I’ve ordered from them quite a few times and never had this. I always say no to those “supposed” $10 off things because the fine print details the $14.95 charge.

  41. i just called the number listed above – but they say they are part of Vista Print Rewards. . .whereas I’m just being erroneously charged $ 3.99 /month by “Vista Print”. vista print’s number isn’t working, of course, and one can’t access their own billing information on the vista print account holder’s site to delete billing detail. Any thoughts?

    • You didn’t say whether this is on a creditcard or debit. Call the appropiate company and tell them you would like the billing company’s phone number and any other information you can get. Call them and request a full refund and a cancellation.

      • Also, I would report Vista Print to the BBB. I didn’t do that when I got my money back, but maybe if more people did, they would quit trying to slip additional charges in.

        It should be illegal to have anything auto-check-marked during a online purchase that the customer didn’t explicitly ask for.

  42. I just got on top of this MVQ BIZMAX charges on my bill that have been on forever that i thought was something legit and i always forgot to look into it. So for 5 solid years, I have been getting charged a monthly fee. The total is $1,305 which I can surely use for something else…..say……REAL services that benefit me. I called Bizmax today and got a $29.99 refund for last month as a courtesy refund. THANKS A LOT! I’ve got Discover Card Fraud on them. Hopefully something will come of it. I will never use that bloody VistaPrint again. They partner with crooks. Oh yeah, and BizMax says that they send me an email every year stating the increase in charges. And that by not responding to an email, I’m locked in for another billing cycle. What total BS. I don’t even see a website for these people anywhere. I’m going to call them back right now and see what they have as far as offerings. Does anyone have a class action suit pending on these dicks?

  43. VistaPrint is bad and dishonest company.

    The technical customer support arent aware on how to run the application. Every question I ask they put me on hold and ask someone.

    haven’t used Vista print for over a month now yet you are charging me for it. I can’t use what I am paying? Who do I speak to about closing my account and getting a refund on the last month?

    Reported the transaction to for this unauthorised charges.

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