iTunes Rolling Out Higher Prices

Profits might be up at Apple, but for how long?  I just logged into my iTunes account, after a long break, to buy some music.  Imagine my surprise to find the song I wanted was $1.29 instead of $.99.

I’m not sure if Steve Jobs is still a little foggy from the pain meds, but news flash – the reason why this whole paying for music thing started working is because the cost vs. hassle ratio became favorable.  But for a 29% increase, free downloads just changed that. 

I don’t want to hear about how the record companies did this or that.  The solution is simple.  iTunes should refuse to list any music at a higher cost.  That would fix the record companies wagons fast.


2 thoughts on “iTunes Rolling Out Higher Prices

  1. The reason lots of folks started paying vs. illegal downloadeing was because they could afford to. If they raise music prices too much higher people will start illegal downloading again in droves.

  2. Concerning iTunes, I have had two different customers blow up their music collections, one of which had ALL of their music including the entire iTunes Music folder dissappear after updating to iTunes 9.0.

    Does it really do anything so cool as to even risk messing with it?

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