The Emperor Has No Clothes – Twitter is bogus

I think I was the first person I know that signed up for a Twitter account after hearing about it on This Week with George Stephanopoulos several months ago.  Hey, I’m a cutting edge computer dude, so I have to keep up with the latest buzz.  It was really cool “following” Weird Al Yankovic, but then it started to hit me…what now?

At first, I thought maybe I just don’t understand Twitter or I just need to play around with it to learn all the cool things it can do.  After all, every actor, hipster and wannabe can now be found on Twitter, and anyone who’s anyone on TV says they Tweet.  Not wanting to feel inferior, I’d login occasionally and type a sentence.  But soon, I began to resent Twitter.  I mean, who wants a Tweet that’s two weeks old? But I felt completely unfulfilled.  What was I missing?

And then it hit me!  I wasn’t missing anything.  Twitter sucks!  There, I said it.  Twitter sucks and this has all just been a big media hype.  Everyone can run around and feel like they are part of some new great thing, but when I finally admitted to myself that Twitter is a complete farce, I suddenly felt whole again.  And so I say to all the hipster wannabes out there:  The Emperor Has No Clothes!