Silverlight Error 1001 Problem Solved

This morning I was able to fix error 1001 with my Silverlight player in Netflix.  I went to tools, internet options, security and finally trusted sites.  I added both of the following entries:  https://* and http://*  Of course, I unchecked require server verification for the latter to be accepted.

Just for good measure, I went to the general tab, hit delete and then delete all, including files and settings stored by add-ons.  Voilà!   The player works as it should.  I would like to take this opportunity not to thank Netflix for this fix as they apparently don’t know about it or are too lame to post it on the page that you are redirected to when you receive error 1001.  I hope this helps someone as it was most irritating to me.


39 thoughts on “Silverlight Error 1001 Problem Solved

  1. Great job! Worked for me! I tried what you suggested using Firefox, and that didn’t work, then I performed your suggestions in MSIE, it worked there. Then I went back to Firefox and it worked!



  2. Dude, thanks. I agree Netflix was entirely unhelpful. She told me that this was a Microsoft issue and I needed to call them. Yeah, right…Microsoft would have been about as helpful as Netflix I’m afraid 🙂

    Thanks again. Good fix.

  3. This solution worked great for me. The customer service rep told me it was an issue with the hotel wifi, I should have googled this problem in the first place.

  4. It continues to amaze me how much good one resourceful individual like mwearl can do!

    In the three months since this wonderful solution was posted; you would think Netflix would have gotten their head out of the sand and discovered this simple one-sentence solution, instead they continue to send users off to Microsoft on a wild goose chase!!!

    Adding to the trusted sites list was I needed to to to get it working perfectly!

    Thank You so much!
    Tim Sauder

  5. I was running into a whole bunch of different Netflix Silverlight errors (including DRM error), and the following instructions finally fixed the problem. Good luck to all in regaining the ability to stream Netflix.

    • Jose,

      With Windows 7, you may have an issue with UAC. You might want to right click internet explorer and run as administrtator before making the change. I’ve seen changes like this and certificates not work even though you receive no error if you don’t run as administrators.

      Now that you have it working, try to reinstall version 4 over the top and see if it keeps working.

  6. I tried the trusted sites method http://* Tried the full uninstall and fresh install method. Erased all my temp and history files. Went through netflix support who refered me and to microsoft support who pretty much recommended the same fixes, still the same “Error 1001 Failure to Load”. Netflix better come up with a better player than silverlight or force microsoft to get their act together soon. I am considering cancelling my netflix subscription and look for better streaming movie providers. How difficult can it be to simply play a movie on-line. I am not asking for much.

  7. Am I the only one who is a bit confused as to which program these changes need to go under? I’m using Firefox 4; added the site to my trusted sites, and still get the error. I tried adding a site to silverlight and it won’t let me.

    What ever happened to regular streaming via VLC or WMP?

    Are the options for the solution for Firefox or for IE, or another program? Thanks.

  8. I posted this a long time ago, so the technical issues that cause my problem, and the problem of many others, may be something totally different today. Sorry, but since Netflix jacked it’s pricing up to $15.98, I have cancelled their service and have no further information on fixing any new problems.

    • It still works as of Dec 2011!!! After days of unloading and reloading Silverlight and wondering if I should get rid of Netflix instant viewing all together I did one last Google search for help and after following your instructions it worked. Thank You for stopping my insanity.

  9. The error is because they have too many fonts installed and this causes a problem in windows, try deleting several and only have less than five hundred thousand to see if it works for me if I worked.

    • Deleting the fonts did the trick for me. I had installed a ton of fonts one time and must have deleted 10k, after that movies came right up! Thanks, many days of searching and being pissed off.

      • it was the fonts. I’ve spent two days installing and uninstalling silverlight. Doing system restores and it turned out to be the fonts. WOW. I deleted a bunch of fonts and it worked. Thank you.

      • How do I unstall my fonts? I am beyond fustrated & would appreciate any help all other fixes have failed to date. Thank you in advance.

  10. El error se debe a que tienen demasiadas fuentes instaladas y eso causa un problema en windows , traten borrando varias y que solo queden menos de mil quinientas a ver si funciona , porque a mi si me funciono .

  11. Wow! I’m glad this fix worked for so many. I have a brand new laptop & nothing seems to fix the problem. Not even restoring to its orginal state.

  12. i have tried EVERYTHING..including calling netflix who couldnt help and told me to call Microsoft and had to talk to someone with such a thick accent i could hardly understand what they said. And Microsoft told me to go to their questions and answers website. so rediculous. the owners of the Silverlight can’t even identify a solution to their own problem. so frustratingggg!!

  13. i have still yet to figure out the problem trying the first person’s directions. i dont know if i’m doing it wrong or if my computer is just not doing it becuase the person had done that about 3 years ago. i just dont get HOW even microsoft doesnt know how to fix the problem. all the lady i talked to could tell me was to go to or something. which was no help at all becuase i was pretty much alrady doing that to begin with by searching forums.

  14. Nothing worked for me so I finally decided to uninstall Silverlight 5 and install Silverlight 4. This worked. I’ll stick with 4 until Microsoft fixes version 5.

  15. I fixed the error-1001 problem by uninstalling Silverlight 5 and instead installing Silverlight 4, from This was after I had tried ten or more other ways of fixing the problem that I had found on internet forums. Netflix wouldn’t let me use Silverlight 3, but it does let me use Silverlight 4.

    • Thanks for posting your fix Rod. It’s amazing that people are still finding this thread because silverlight is still giving people problems 2 years later.

      • You’re welcome. Actually, I posted it a few months ago on two Microsoft/Silverlight forums, but when I tried to find those again today, I found that the forums, which were clearly the main places for discussing this issue, had completely disappeared. I had bookmarked one of the URLs but the pages are not even available on So I thought I would repost it here.

    • Netflix will no longer allow any earlier version of silverlight to run – You must have the current version installed.

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  17. I uninstalled and reinstalled Silverlight and could not fix the problem. I did a disk cleanup and got rid of lots of files in my recycle bin. The error code 1001 went away and I could see the movies. Hope this helps.

  18. Hey, I had the same problem on chrome (win 7 x86), and fixed it by going to settings, help and updating my chrome version. Seems like it was a known issue that they solved on an update.
    Hope that helps.

  19. I just called Netflix last night with frustration at all the same probs. They told me they never heard of any one having this continued problem, and sent me to Microsoft…it was a problem with them. As you can see by the date of this posting, some one has their head up their ***!

  20. Silverlight error code 1001 netflix

    I had this problem for 6 months. Finally I back tracked my browser to the last date netflix work and uninstalled all the new fonts I installed after that date. You will not get help from netflix or MS concerning this issue. However, it worked for me.

    Step 1: check to see if your Sliverlight is working by going to this site: If you see the animation test this might NOT be your problem. However, if you can’t see the animation this might solve your problem.

    Step 2: Check your browser history date for the last time netflix worked on your system. Make note of the date.

    Step 3: Go to start -> Control Panel -> fonts folder -> delete all fonts installed after that date.

    Step 4: refresh your browser.

    Step 5: Go to If this works you should be good to go! Best of luck.

    Note: It might also be an application that you have installed not just a font. So if you have installed applications and than the netflix site stopped working delete the application.

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