Happy New Year

2007 flew by and 2008 appears to moving at an equally fast pace.  Last year was a mixed review.  Meeting young family members for the first time, getting acquainted with some and saying goodbye to others.

Santa was good to everyone in my household.  We were always so busy with no free time, but now somehow we have an extra 4 or 5 hours a day to play Rockband on Xbox 360 Live.  Playing little plastic guitars and singing karaoke style with people across the globe can be pretty addicting.

My wife’s crowning achievement was getting her motorcycle license at age 44 no less!  Congratulations to her.  Pretty gutsy to get on a motorcycle with no experience and be successful!  She is now the proud owner of a Honda Shadow 750.  I’ll have to make good on my promise and get my motorcycle license (didn’t think she’d be able to do it).

So far, January has been extremely cold.  We’ve had a good snow this year, and so I hereby officially declare global warming a hoax.  I also added a webcam to my weather station, so you can see if its snowing or watch my crazy neighbors sit in their open garage with it below freezing.  I hope to add another camera in the back this year so you can watch my dogs lay in their pen while squirrels raid the bird feeders.


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