I’m Bored With Current Events

I haven’t posted for a few months, so this is just practice:  There are a lot of little things happening in the world today, but nothing of any major notoriety.  Earthquakes, murder, and yada yada yada – same old shit.

Both Democrats and Republicans are stumping for their respective party nominations.  If you’re not too offended by South Park humor, the ‘Douche or Turd Sandwich’ episode pretty much sums up my sentiments towards the upcoming election.

The only candidate that speaks with any common sense is Ron Paul.  (And of course) You must be some sort of lunatic fringe to like that guy, right?  It’s sad that the only person discussing the constitutional limitations of the federal government is discounted as a legitimate contender for the presidency; but there is hope if at least one person is discussing the constitutional limitations of the federal government.

The war is still going.  The military wants to win it.  The government could care less.  Global warming is still beating a dead horse.  I can’t wait until all the glaciers finally melt so the mystery of our doom will finally become evident.  And speaking of doom, my retirement fund is suddenly making a sucking noise as the financial brains simultaneously come to the same conclusion that the masses’ credit is over extended.  Nobody saw this coming, but everyone saw it at once.

I’m disappointed that Britney Spears gained a whole 10 pounds after her last child, only to lose five pounds before exploiting herself on the VMA’s.   Mormons are still forcing young women to marry their cousins ’cause god done told ’em to.  Go Mit Romney!

 My wife, my daughter, her friend and I went to a concert a few weeks ago at Clemson University.  I paused, noting that aging sucks.  Being young is way cooler.   But I’m going to see my family in Arizona in a few weeks which is exciting and trumps all of the above.  Oh yeah; and it finally rained today… a lot.