Global Warming – a Global Joke

Oh the folly of mankind. We think we are so powerful as to modify global weather patterns by any measurable degree. Mr. Al Gore would have you believe we are on the verge of mass climatic suicide – that the oceans will rise up and swallow the eastern seaboard and the beach front property in the west.

Scientists use shrinking glaciers to support their propaganda. But where did glaciers come from? They were formed during an ice age. An ice age is an ABNORMAL extended climatic event of temperatures far below what could be considered normal. Would it not be reasonable for those glaciers to melt during NORMAL climate conditions?

And what about these so-called experts? They report with certainty the trends in climate for the last several thousands of years. Of course they also predicted several inches of snow with 100% certainty a few weeks ago. We had NO snow!

What we really know about weather and climate is that its unpredictable, somewhat random and not able to be manipulated by humans. We also know that experts who check their agendas at the door have recorded warming and cooling trends lasting for decades and longer. Even before the burning of coal, petroleum and Styrofoam. Imagine that!


2 thoughts on “Global Warming – a Global Joke

  1. I think Global-Warming would be great! All of California’s bleeding-heart liberals and illegal immigrants would drown (the mexican ones and the asians ones)
    along with all of the the too-stupid to vote florida retirees and the “save eylian Gonzales” illegal Cuban immigrants. Plus the beach would be so much closer for all of us sweaty Arizonans.

  2. If you remember history, we evil humans caused a severe case of global warming back around 1000a.d. Greenland was completely green and flourishing (hence the name Greenland). It must have been all those diesel powered ships the Vikings were using back then. But the liberals of the day used their pressure to convince the Vikings that wind power was more ecologically responsible and so Greenland returned to its more natural state of ice. But here we go again over 1000 years later…

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