Pope Preaches Truth

Pope Benedict XVI points out what those of us who have studied the history of Islam already knew.  Muhammad was a violent “prophet” that used force to spread his religion.

Prior to Islam, the predominant religion in the Arab world was pagan.  Muhammad bastardized this religion by pulling a “Joseph Smith” with a vision of his true calling – to preach the truth about the one true god, Allah (who was previously the moon god, one of many Arab deities).

The only time Muhammad and his followers did not convert through force is when they were outnumbered.  Much like the liberals of our day, they used a tactics like incrementalism to convert until they were the majority force; then things got ugly.  To question their beliefs is blasphemy with death being the preferred remedy.

Not much has changed with modern day Islam.  The masses continue to harbor and support those who shoot nuns in the back and burn churches.  Uncles walk into their brother’s homes and murder their nieces because they may or may not have done something forbidden by their teachings.

Americans think that most Muslims are like the ones in the United States and that only a small percentage are fanatical.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  In fact, most are supporters of terrorism, would perform terrorist acts if asked, or are actively engaged in acts of terrorism. They do what they are told to do by their religious leaders.

I fear that a call to outlaw this evil religion would incite panic even among Christians who might perceive this as the beginning of a government attack on religious freedom.  But the outcome is quite simple:  Either we destroy Islam or Islam will destroy us.  Will any leader have the courage to stand up to this plague on civilization and call for its irradication?