Open Letter to Washington

Dear Government:

Thank you for keeping me soooo safe.  As real and imagined threats continue to be uncovered, I appreciate you stripping me of my liberties that I may not be harmed by any of these muslim dickheads which YOU continue to allow into MY country.

I believe that freedom is worth dying for.  Therefore, the taking of MY freedom by YOU is far more detrimental to this country than the murder Terrorists have perpetrated on our citizens.  Hundreds of thousands of men and women have died protecting our freedom since the inception of America; and now you trade it for three thousand, albeit, precious lives.

Protect YOUR citizens by putting their freedoms above the policy of allowing non-citizen muslims to enter this country for education and employement.


One thought on “Open Letter to Washington

  1. 10h20-BST Monday 11 September 2006-CE

    In UK, in World War 2, we lost the civic freedoms that concern you, m, and lost many thousands to the blitz as well. But as soon as the war was over, freedoms returned. We were no longer forced to move around the country to do other work if and when directed. Farmers and manufacturers were again free to produce what they thought fit.

    Some of the freedoms took a little time but, if I understand right, most returned by default the moment an end to hostilities was declared. (I was nearly 5 years old at that moment.)

    If Mr Bush, five years (plus about four hours at the moment of writing) ago, had taken War Emergency Powers, and formed a National Coalition Government with (Green-Fascist) Gore included in the Cabinet (but still not in power), you might now have less of a problem. You would know that, at some point in the middle future it would be possible to declare victory and freedoms would return instantly.

    This would be when hatred was no longer being preached from licensed places of worship and when everyone could walk in through the South Gate onto the floor last seen in 70-CE/AD and muse or meditate as they believed appropriate, even non-theists such as I.

    Having said all that, I confess to the sin of being seduced by the idea of a dictator able to have loony lefties and psychopaths shot. Were the bad-guy governments against which the heroes of SF that I read in my youth all that bad? My friend (in L5/NSS) shocked me in the 1980s when she said she supported the Empire, not Luke and Han and the rebels. Now I am torn…

    Thanks for your visit to my blog and for your comment. Cheers,

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