The Great Thing About the 1st Amendment…

Is that John Edwards can say that George Bush is the worst president in our lifetime, and Dixie Chicks' Natalie Maines can say that George Bush is owed no respect whatsoever.

I exercise my right to say that John Edwards is the biggest piece of shit to ever occupy space in North Carolina and that Natalie Maines is nothing more that a white trash whore.

God Bless America!


One thought on “The Great Thing About the 1st Amendment…

  1. I love this kind of stuff! I agree with the general sentiment in this case too. A good friend told me I was barmy when I said Bush was the best Prez since Lincoln. I was thinking about his balanced response. Bush has a whole stack of nukes and on 12 September 2001 they stayed right in their silos and bomber base storage bays? That makes him a giant just there, right off. Way better than me. But these folk who slag off the man know nothing real about anything real. Their opinions are worth less than those of the witchdoctor in the bush.

  2. PS The War on Terror ought to be also a War On Error but then we have to agree what errors pertain. Anyway, Bush followed up his restraint with liberation wars in two theatres. As Commander in Chief of USA, Bush has to be constantly heavy-hearted each night and day with the burden of sending men and ladies to the battlefront. It is a (little) comfort to thinking civilians at home home to know that we are in danger too. I can take you round my conurbation and show you where the bombs dropped in WW2. We are going to win this one in about 50 or 100 years but we have to come out of it changed for the better. Freedom is not necessarily being well used. Parents are still free to treat their offspring like shit, so they grow up like their parents, as violent enemies of gentle people. And so on, and so on, and ooby dooby dooby… Cy

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